A Prayer for the Children of Miami

"Restore them, O God almighty make your face shine upon them, that they may be saved." Psalm 80:3

Father, we believe that your voice still speaks and says "Let the children come to me for theirs is the Kingdom of God." We believe this to be true and we know that tucked away in your heart and mind are the names of all the children in this city. We pray for each of them as they enjoy their summer away from school. We pray as they discover the world around that in their own way they can discover more about you. We pray in your own way you can awaken something within them to ponder the bigger, greater reality of our world. We pray for their eyes and ears to be protected from the evil and perversion all around them. We also pray for their pure and innocent hearts to to be protected from those flying arrows that often leave deep wounds for a lifetime. We know that you are good and you are a savior and so we ask that you would give us your same qualities to be able to be models to all of the children we encounter in this great city. As we once watched others to learn how to live, so they too learn how to live by watching us. Amen.

Miami, MiamiJohnComment